The text 'Anthropocene Fabrics' accompanied by the logo, two triangles and a square arranged geometrically.

Hello, hi!

Anthropocene Fabrics is an online fabric store (with local pickup in uptown Waterloo, Ontario) that curates a small selection of high-quality textiles with a focus on sustainability. Our fabric collections are prepared holistically so that you can create coordinated, in-season pieces that you keep coming back to. Each collection comes with capsule suggestions from which you can draw inspiration. We strive for diversity, inclusion, and representation in our pattern suggestions to celebrate and reflect the rich and beautiful tapestry of the human form.

We firmly believe that sewing is for everyone. There is a place for you here :)

Natural coloured
    linen fabric draped over a dress form which has a desert landscape on it. The fabric is opaque and drapes nicely.

Thanks for stopping by; let’s make something amazing!