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Aero finish linen – Masala – 1/4m

CA$8.00 per 1/4 m

0.5 m

Minimum quantity is 0.5 m (2 units), with 0.25 m increments after that.


The aero finish is creatd by using high speed air. The result is softness, smoothness, and drape perfection.

Masala describes any of the many spice blends used in South Asian cooking. This colour is itself a mix of rich red and brown hues.

  • Width: 132cm / 52in
  • Content: 100% linen
  • Weight: 195 gsm, 5.75 oz/sq. yd
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Drape: Moderate drape
  • Care: Wash in lukewarm water (<40 C/104F) on gentle cycle, hang to dry
  • Best suited for: Skirts, dresses, blouses, pants, jackets, blazers
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